Canopy House Rules

Membership and Database

We require all members to have a current email, recent photo and home address on file. If you have not provided us with these details yet, please do so by emailing

Social Media

Our community thrives on shared values of privacy and respect. While we encourage active participation in social media, please don’t photograph, tag or otherwise discuss others without their permission.


If you bring your child/children into CANOPY, please be mindful that the same guest rules apply and you are responsible for their behavior. Disruptive behavior cannot be permitted.


Please refrain from bringing any animals into CANOPY. Service animals are permitted with proof of valid certification.

Event RSVPs

Please RSVP and confirm attendance at CANOPY events. If you are no longer able to attend an event, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance. Any member failing to follow event guidelines will no longer be permitted to RSVP or attend events.


You are permitted guests for two hours at any time during the day. Guests may not stay for consecutive two-hour periods, unless pre-authorized by the membership team. Guests who remain at CANOPY beyond two hours will be asked to leave unless approval for an extended visit has been granted by the Membership team. Conference and Board room attendees may stay for the duration of the meeting.

Your guests must sign in and remain with you at all times. Guests are not permitted into CANOPY unless you are present.

Mobile Phones, Noise Level & Audio/Video Sound

Movies, videos, songs, internet calls and presentations cannot be played through laptop or mobile device speakers at any time except in conference rooms with doors closed. Please use headphones.

Out of respect to your neighbors, please be considerate when engaging in conversation with coworkers and on the phone by maintaining an appropriate volume level.


For marketing purposes, CANOPY reserves the right to photograph or video members while in the house.

Please refrain from using pictures of CANOPY for your company website or otherwise without written approval from CANOPY.

Aesthetic Maintenance

Coat hooks are provided by the printer station for bags and jackets.

Please pick up after yourself, and place dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

Please do not put feet up on furniture.

Please utilize the under desk storage provided for all paperwork, files, office supplies and other personal effects.

In an effort to preserve our aesthetic environment, we please ask that you keep your space neat and free of refuse. Please maintain the location of desks in their original layout.


Both Members and staff are held to strict confidentiality standards regarding Members, guests, any event taking place at CANOPY. Any information acquired while at CANOPY’s premises must be kept in the strictest confidence. Please respect the privacy of other individuals and events in the building and refrain from entering in spaces that have been hired. These include conference rooms and Private Offices.